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EasyJet is a british low cost carrier. It was founded in 1995 and has bases all over europe. EasyJet Switzerland is a subsidiary.

For current fleet details, please check: easy Jet at planespotters.net

Airbus A319

Easyjet Airbus A319 (UK)

New livery.

Easyjet Airbus A319 (UK)

Venezia special livery.

Easyjet Airbus A319 (UK)

Old livery.

Easyjet Airbus A319 (UK)

Easyjet Airbus A319 Route promotion special colours (UK)

Easyjet A319 UNICEF special colours (UK)

Airbus A320

Easyjet Airbus A320 (UK)

20 years anniversary special livery.

Easyjet Airbus A320 200th Airbus special colours (UK)

Special orange colours

Boeing 737-700

All Boeing 737 have been retired.

Easyjet Boeing 737-700 (UK)

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