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Bangkok Airways is a private thai regional carrier based in Bangkook Suvarnabhumi and was founded in 1968 as Sahakol Air. In the beginning they operated air-taxi services on behalf of multiple organisations engaged in oil and natural-gas exploration in the Gulf of Thailand. In 1983 they were rebranded into Bangkok-Airways and started to build its first own airport on Ko Samui. Until now they´ve build two more airports in the Sukhothai and Trat province. Aircrafts are painted colourful and different.

For current fleet details, please check: Bangkok-Airways at

Aerospatiale ATR72

Bangkok Airways Aerospatiale ATR72 (Thailand)

Airbus A319

Bangkok Airways Airbus A319 (Thailand)

Airbus A320

Bangkok Airways Airbus A320 (Thailand)

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